Comic In Progress: Codename KYUSS

KYUSS: trudging

I'm not immune to writer's block. There are times when the creative juices stop flowing and each word is a fight. Sometimes I'm just tired after a week at my full time job, as well as the other obligations of an adult, but I need to knock out some progress on whatever project I'm working on. Sometimes, even with all the prep in the world and the whole story outlined, I struggle to be productive.

But the work has to be done. So you just put your head down and fight for the next word, and then the word after that. Then the word after that. And it feels like a losing fight the entire time. But then you reach whatever benchmark you set for yourself and you realize you've done what you didn't think was possible. But it feels like you've written a whole book instead of the single page of script now on the computer in front of you.

Just remember: you're only human and you will not always be operating at peak efficiency. Do what you can and muster what you can. If you're facing a deadline, focus up and keep your eyes forward until it's done. Even when it feels like a losing battle, the big win is waiting for you at the end.

- 2 toasts