Comic In Progress: Codename KYUSS

KYUSS: plugged in

When I work, I plug in. This is not a unique thing. A lot of creative types use music or any kind of audio material to isolate themselves from the world around them, to minimize the amount of external interference.

Plugging in is a habit I developed long before I started writing comics and stories. My ADD made schoolwork impossible sometimes, but it always seemed easier while listening to music. I didn't really realize what listening to music was doing for me until after college when I was writing my first novel on the commuter bus to and from work. The epiphany wasn't grand or life-changing. It made sense and I realized that I just had another tool in my productivity arsenal, as well as a better understanding of myself.

As I said before, plugging in isn't a unique thing and all kinds of people do it or at least know about it. One thing that has surprised people in my life is that I often use videos or streams as my background sounds. Personally, I don't find the visual aspect distracting and in the end, it's all just sound. Plus, I'd like to think that my viewership is helping someone, even if I'm not an active viewer.

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