Comic In Progress: Codename KYUSS

KYUSS: personal life

The past three days have been crazy packed for me. I'm prepping for an upcoming vacation, celebrated my birthday and then Father's Day, writing the script for KYUSS, house-hunting, suffering a COVID-induced furlough, and writing this blog. Something had to give and it ended up being this blog, which it why there wasn't a post yesterday.

Missing a day of working on one of these projects isn't something I take lightly. I understand how it affects the ultimate timeline of my career, and I realize that any work not done now needs to be made up later. However, if you ignore the complex demands of life, this kind of thinking can be destructive, reducing one's entire personality to their productivity. This reduction then bleeds into other parts of your life, making you judge them based on their productivity, as determined by a capitalistic society.

But that can't be life. That isn't a life.

Sometimes I'm busy with my family. Sometimes I'm running errands with my wife. And other times, I'm just burned out and want to play video games. Because these things were a part of shaping me into the person writing stories today. To remove them from my life makes me less than that person. The reason my stories have gained some minor notice is because a multi-faceted, complex human wrote them. And they've had stellar art, I can't emphasize enough how great the art of my stories has been.

So take a day off for whatever reason. It's okay as long as you understand your timetables and benchmarks, and that you are only human, not a machine.

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