Comic In Progress: Codename KYUSS

KYUSS: interesting

The other day, I attended a writer's workshop about comic book writing, hosted by an established comic writer. (Keeping it vague since the event was somewhat exclusive, and I want to honor that. Though I'm sure somewhat can puzzle it out.)

I'm not going to share everything that was discussed (again, honoring the exclusivity of the event), but there was one thing I thought was too good not to share.

To paraphrase: you can do anything you want in your story as long as it makes the story interesting, your characters make interesting choices, or increases the narrative tension.

You can do ANYTHING YOU WANT in your story as long as it makes the story interesting or increases the narrative tension. Even breaking the rules of writing and storytelling.

This was the piece of advice I've been reflecting upon ever since. In my notes from the workshop, I made a special notation next to this line to make it easy to find. When I was writing the script for KYUSS last night, I went over the entire script, reviewing everything I had done and asking myself, "Does this make the story interesting?"

This will be a short post. It's more a call for reflection. Look at your writing (if you're writing something), and see if the choices you've made keep the tension high or keep the characters and/or story interesting.

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