Comic In Progress: Codename KYUSS

KYUSS: the first six words

It's been awhile since I worked on a comic that was part of a series. Specifically the script. My series "Mental Cases" was the last to have issue numbers associated with it. Between then and now, I've been working on several shorts and one-shots, which I will share with you later.

When starting a new series, there are six words I like to write once I've created the new Word doc. Every comic book writer will tell you how much these words mean to them, though most focus on the latter four. They represent the start of a new adventure. Not just the one the reader is meant to eventually enjoy, but the journey the creator goes on to create it. The person starting the project is not the same person that finishes it.

I recall a comic book writer/artist talking about one of their first extensive works and how their art style evolved over the course of drawing the book. The book is over 200 pages long. The change is subtle and gradual, but if you simply compare the protagonist's first appearance to his last appearance, it becomes much more evident.

Back to the first six words. They're the first six words I write, though I will add text around them as I format the text to make it look more professional, such as adding a title page as I would a novel manuscript. But their importance is never diminished and standout in the script regardless of how much text surrounds them. They're scary and intimidating, but also exciting.

The first six words are: ISSUE ONE. PAGE ONE. PANEL ONE.

I can't wait to share with you what comes next.

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