Comic In Progress: Codename KYUSS

Concerning Warren Ellis

Hello. I'm going to sidetrack myself from Codename KYUSS for a post to talk about Warren Ellis and the sexual misconduct/coercion allegations against him.

I believe the women that have stepped forward to talk about the inappropriate interactions Ellis has had with them in the past. This includes multiple accounts of grooming young women before replacing them in an apparently multi-decade long cycle.

I had been musing over this story since it broke a few days ago. (In these COVID times, a few days feels like a few weeks) Warren Ellis was one of my idol as a comic book writer. An idea I had been taking notes on references his work a lot. And this idolization that muddied up my thinking at times. I want to believe the apology he wrote was sincere, but what is this belief based on? I don't know him personally, so I don't know his character beyond how he presents himself in his newsletter and what others say about him. Once I made this distinction, my thinking cleared.

Warren Ellis's past interactions with these women caused harm onto them in some form and one some level. The targeted nature of these interactions and cyclical nature of this behavior makes them predatory. This is unforgivable, and Warren Ellis will need to make amends and demonstrate himself as a genuinely changed person, aware of what he did in the past.


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